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Best Investment Opportunities Guide for 2020 and Beyond – Pharmaceuticals and More

January 10, 2020


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Are you interested in investing but don’t know exactly which markets and industries to consider? You’re not alone – there are many beginners and casual investors who need a lot of advice as well. It never hurts to diversify your portfolio, but you probably already know this. Never put all of your money into one investment. That being said, what are some of the best investment opportunities right now? What are some of the ones you should definitely look into?

Here are a few industries and markets that have the potential to pay off huge over the next several years.


Japanese equity markets have been long shunned. However, they are currently among the cheapest in the world. There is evidence that “Abenomics” (policies put forward by Shinzo Abe) appear to be making some slow, yet real improvements in the country’s underlying economy. Also, it is no secret that Japan is a leader in technology, and has been for a couple of decades now. For international investors, medium-sized companies might offer compelling opportunities for stability for the long-term, as the larger companies have to deal with market share loss, and the “fast-growth” companies are more vulnerable to crashes.

Drones and Robotics

While so many people are investing in the companies that sell the drones, you might be better off investing in the manufacturers who make the parts. This is because drone technology is still somewhat in its early stages. Like all electronic products, drones will only evolve and become more advanced over time. To diversify your portfolio a bit more, consider investing in the stores and companies that use drones now, and are financially stable enough to continue using them in the future (Amazon).


ULTA Beauty has experienced a lot of growth over the past 5 years, despite the setbacks of the retail industry. The network of stores keeps expanding considerably. There are strong indicators that this beauty / spa product store provides the best investment opportunities in the retail industry. Not only is ULTA an online retail giant, it also has a network of 1,100+ stores, and that number is expected to grow closer to 2,000 over the next decade. In the first half of 2019, the ULTA Beauty stock gained 42% (NASDAQ) and 17% increase in S&P 500.

Aerie Pharma (AERI)

Why not add pharmaceuticals to your portfolio? This particular company has put a significant amount of focus on the development of treatments for eye diseases such as glaucoma. AERI has already successfully developed two drugs for glaucoma with the first MoA (Mechanism of Action) in nearly two decades. With solid first product launch, limited competition in the glaucoma treatment sector, and strong management execution, everything points to this company being one worth investing in.

These are just a few ideas of where to get started. Always do research on the best investment opportunities before making any decisions. Capital Exploits is the best place for educating yourself further. All of the resources and tools are straightforward and easy – even for complete beginners.

5 Smart Investment Tips to Help You Make Better Decisions With Your Money

January 10, 2020


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There is so much information on the internet these days about investing for beginners and experts alike that it can be hard to sort through it all.

No matter what kinds of markets and industries you are interested in, or your level of expertise, here are a few smart investment tips that anyone can follow:

1. Only invest in things that you understand. Don’t just put your money wherever your broker (if you have one) tells you to, without first learning WHY you should put your money there. For instance, we all know that technology is the future, but that doesn’t mean everything involving technology will make a good investment.

2. Don’t just assume that investing in multiple mutual funds will automatically “diversify” your portfolio. Always look beneath the surface of each fund to see what all is there. It’s not uncommon for a lot of mutual funds to actually own a lot of the same stocks.

3. If you want to put your money in a bank to earn interest, whether it’s through CDs, money market accounts, or savings account, go with an online bank that has a lot of positive views. Online banks are better able to provide higher yields than traditional banks.

More Smart Investment Tips

4. One of the most important “smart investment tips” is to NEVER allow your emotions to get in the way. The stock industry has no place for emotions. No matter how wonderful you feel about a particular opportunity, it might not really be the best. Always take a bit of time to do research first. It’s the same when it comes to selling stock. Don’t think that just because you’re having a good day that it’ll be a good time to sell. Always be calm – never allow yourself to feel panic. Try to be as objective as possible when looking over the larger picture.

5. Everybody has a “risk tolerance level” and it’s important that you learn yours as soon as possible, if you haven’t already done so. Even if all of the indicators are pointing towards you getting a huge, don’t invest any more money than you can afford to lose. What if the unexpected happens and you wind up losing money anyway? Will you be able to handle the loss?

You can get many, many more smart investment tips from some of the best experts at Motley Fool. It’s the best place to learn about all aspects of investing. Regardless of your level of knowledge and experience, Motley Fool offers everything you need for conducting research.

New Stock Ideas: A Guide to Some of the Best Industries for Beginners to Invest In

January 10, 2020


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Are you new to investing? 2019, overall, has been pretty good to shareholders. The best stocks to buy are strong companies with a solid foundation, expected to prosper no matter what the future holds. Even though the trade wars are stirring up a lot of concern, there are still some relatively safe stocks, some of which are under the radar. To give you a starting point, here are some new stock ideas to think about.

Cloud / file hosting technology

Dropbox (DBX) in particular has a 112% upside. The company seems to be stabilizing thanks to new product offerings and pricing in order to better serve the needs of its 500 million+ registered users. The virtual storage needs of many people are growing so much that free accounts aren’t sufficient enough anymore, which means that the number of paid subscriptions is growing.

Wind energy

Wind energy projects are becoming more pervasive in a number of countries. This clean, sustainable source of energy is considered a good long-term prospect. There is potential that the operating costs are declining, and the pricing seems to be stabilizing.

Australian Housing

If you’re looking for new stock ideas in real estate, consider the metropolitan areas of Melbourne and Sydney. They are short of rental supply and the population is growing due to immigration. There has been a lot of money put into Australian from foreign countries like China. If you are interested in the Australian real estate market, keep rental properties at the top of your priority list.

Waste management

This isn’t the most glamorous industry to invest in, but with an increase in environmental services, pollution control, and recycling centers, it is reasonable to see the value in investing in this side of the industrial sector. It is a necessary part of everyone’s lives. A couple of organizations to look into include US Ecology (ECOL) and Waste Management (WM).

Aerospace sub-sector

There has been a boost in US military spending this past year, so it might be worthwhile to put money into companies that are part of the supply chain, such as designers and developers. The aerospace industry typically performs well in late economic cycles. As the cycle matures, there is an increase in plane orders, and a good way to play it safe is by investing in the suppliers.

Where to Get More New Stock Ideas

These are just a few recommendations. The best way to learn about new stock ideas and investment opportunities is to become part of Capitalist Exploits. There are currently 30,000+ investors getting unfiltered analysis of the financial events shaping the world. This is definitely THE investment newsletter to subscribe to.