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January 18, 2020

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Understanding More About International Bank Account Number (IBAN)

The IBAN or in full international bank account number is an identification system used by banks across most national borders. This system is agreed upon internationally as the main enabler for processing and communicating international transaction and assist in transcription error reduction.

This international bank account number or IBAN is an identification system for most account numbers to make sure international transactions are smoothly running. Before then, there were various kinds of the IBAN system that were commissioned for use by the international organization standardization (ISO) before the creation of final version that was split into two. IBANs are crucial because they aid international transactions to reduce transactional errors and also in their smooth running.

An IBAN or international bank account number must have these details.

A country code which should be for a particular country. IBANs must have a two-digit code normally used for redundancy checks for identifying errors or the same numbers. For local banks, there should be a unique identifier for IBANs. Lastly, IBANs must be unique.

Before the creation of the IBAN system, various standards were applied in identifying bank accounts, account number or branch. These various standards resulted in lots of confusion in international standards. A lot of vital information was always missing when making payments.

The swift code or BIC code or ISO 9362 did not have any specific method for formatting transactions. This meant therefore that all concerned parties had to enter into an agreement about the types of transactions and also for account identification.

The ISO 13616 was published in 1997 by the international organization for standardization. It was very flexible and many people did not think it would work. The proposal was cut down, requiring that the IBAN have only upper case letters and a fixed length. This resulted in serious backlash caused the ISO to withdraw the proposal and they came up with a new one known as the ISO 13616:2003. This proposal was created in 2003 and later on in 2007 it was updated and divided into two, the IBAN and SWIFT.

In summary, the IBAN system offers a versatile and standardized formats which are used in creating a filter for catching data errors, validate a transaction and identify accounts. Routing information is to be included always because it enables banks or any financial institutions to send payments amongst them. The account details is the most vital information to be included in an IBAN. Such information includes country code, branch codes so it is good to carry check digits which are made to pick out any errors or validate an account number.

Unlike in the past, today it is normal to use the IBAN when making any international transactions. So ensure you fill out your bank’s IBAN number the next time you’ll be making a financial transaction.
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