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January 18, 2020

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All You Should Know About the GNSS Simulator

The main function of a GNSS simulator is provide an excellent way through which you can test then GNSS receivers and all the system that relies on this system. A GNSS simulator enumerated a real GNSS receiver. Different simulator. The simulator process radio signal that is as the same as the ones that are produced by the GNSS satellite.

The simulator is used to test different scenarios. The devices can test about the time, location, and the date. The devices are also used to simulate the motion of different vehicles that have GNSS receiver installed on them; an example of these vehicles include the land vehicles, spacecraft, aircraft, ships, etc. Different vehicles dynamics can that in the laboratory without moving the vehicle. Another usage of these devices is testing of environmental conditions. The device is used in the testing of the environmental conditions. It test conditions that have an impact on the signal. The simulators can also be used to test how the receiver will perform if an error occurred.

When you buy your system, there are a couple of things that you should consider. When you are purchasing a GPS simulator, make sure that you know the maintenance that you require. The system should have a warranty. Many of the firms such as CAST Navigation provide a warranty of one year. The warranty is meant to protect the GPS simulator. The best company is the one that provides an extension when the warranty period is over. The an extension is achieved by signing up a maintenance deal between the customers and the manufacturer.

Just like any other electronic, a GPS simulator will encounter issues; you will thus require maintenance to settle this problem. If the system has a defect, they will repair it immediately. The company should also upgrade your system if necessary. Maintenance by the company will greatly benefit the buyer. The buyer will save a lot of money since the manufacturer will save the expenses that the buyer would have incurred in the hardware and repair services. Since the issue will be attended very quickly, there will be a lower downtime. The spare parts will be shipped to the buyer very quickly. This means that the productivity of the manufacturer will increase a lot.

The training that is offered by the manufacturer is another thing that you should consider. These devices are complicated to use and that you will require training. You will need training on how to effectively test configuration using the simulator. A manufacture such a CAST Navigation, is equipped by engineers who are seasoned with every aspect of the simulator. The engineer will train you on how to operate different system menu.

A GNSS simulator is a device that GNSS to test very essential parameter. For this reasons it must be very precise testing equipment. The GNSS simulators should be better than that of an original one. Another feature that the device should have is the controllability.
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