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January 15, 2020

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Marketing Videos – Top 5 Benefits and Uses

Internet speeds are getting better and better while online videos increase in popularity at unprecedented rates. Even ordinary smartphones now have video cameras with pro features! So what are the factors involved behind the scenes?

To begin with, these marketing videos are very easy to make these days. If you have a smartphone, you can shoot and edit! Videos are such a personal medium as well. You can build a deeper relationship with your audience than with pure text – and even more social media likes and shares. Compared to using merely words, you can express so much more in marketing videos in a lot less time.

As far as marketing videos is concerned, here are the top uses and advantages it has to offer your business:

Featuring FAQs

Using videos, you can tackle those frequently asked questions on your website. Definitely, your customers will appreciate this more than blocks of text.
Video Chats

When it comes to making an emotional connection with your customers, there’s nothing quite like connecting your brand to a human face. Many companies have reported much higher customer satisfaction rates after they switched to video chats.

Greater Social Media Engagement

As mentioned, marketing videos often get more likes and shares on social media compared to purely text-based posts. This is certainly a fantastic way of getting your brand out there, especially in this digital world we’re in today.

Providing Instructions

One thing all consumers will surely admit is that instructional videos are easier to follow and thus work better than purely text instructions. Telling people what to do can be done, but if you want efficiency, show them!

Credibility Boost

A video testimonial sure makes it more credible compared to a written one. Viewers can be sure it’s real people. For a long time now, online marketers have been using video testimonials.

Access to Various Audiences

There are no less than 4 billion page views on YouTube, and that’s every single day – not to mention the engaged audience. Next to Google, it’s the biggest search engine today, and people troop there for so many different reasons that include knowing more about a certain product or service they’re interested in. Which means it can be used to market your brand through videos.

Increased Email Open Rates

In the digital world, your opt-in email mailing list is one of your most precious assets. But even beyond that, you need to find ways to boost engagement and increase your email open rates. Videos delivered through emails have been proven to jack up those rates.

Increasing Conversions

Finally, adding a video on a landing page is a known technique for increasing conversions – which is what every business wants at the end of the day – based on actual statistics.